Yoga is a practice for life.

Yoga is a practice that meets you where you are.
You don’t need to be flexible, strong, or have fantastic balance.

What do you need?
Consistency. A sense of humor. An adventurous spirit.
And a teacher you can trust.

Let's Practice Together

Mindful breathing, flow, & yoga nidra

Breathing Well

It all begins with the breath.
This 90-minute individual session busts myths, optimizes function, and gives you tools to manage stress.

Weekly Classes

You are cordially invited
to join me for weekly
flow & nidra classes
with Zoom.

Yoga Nidra

In these extraordinary times,
what if you could filter the noise?
Less chatter, more rest.
The next series begins in September.

Anatomy for Yogis

For the better part of a decade, I’ve been teaching anatomy workshops for yoga students and teachers. I’ve long been fascinated by muscles and bones, and I love to integrate science and yoga. Over the past few years, the nervous and respiratory systems have become central to my practice and teaching. This fall the focus is on pain science. Connect with me on Instagram, join me for a book study of Explain Pain, or check out upcoming workshops & events.