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Meditation That Filters the Noise: The Yoga Nidra Series
Learn the core concepts of yoga  nidra guided meditation, and experience them for yourself in this series.
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What’s a class with Jen like?

Classes focus on breath and mindful movement. 
Move with awareness to build strength, balance, and flexibility.

  • foundational postures
  • intentional class design
  • options and modifications
  • props in abundance
  • a restful end to class


I’ve worked with Jen for three years, both in classes and in individual sessions. At first I thought I needed to focus on my lower back, then on my knees and hips – that’s what was hurting me, after all. But Jen helped me see how the whole system – body, mind, spirit – work together in healthy functioning. Jen combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the body with a sensitive, caring approach to teaching. She has gently coached me back into activities I thought were mere memories of the past. I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life.
Mark Clarke
retired professor
I first met Jen when she taught Anatomy for Yoga to my YTT class. It was the first time that I was able to understand and apply technical anatomy conversation to my practice. I have been finding my way to Jen's class ever since. Jen incorporates her vast knowledge of yoga, anatomy and sequencing and delivers it with generous grace. I find that there is an absence of ego from Jen when she teaches and this gives my ego permission to step out so I can meet my body where it is that day. I leave Jen's class feeling educated about the human body as well as in tune with my body. I carry her lesson into my day and my practice as a yoga teacher.
Jen's teaching style speaks to me as a teacher and student, because she so beautifully weaves together clear alignment and anatomical cues. Each class is thoughtful, challenging and refreshing. Jen has a wonderful way of making her sequences and specific poses accessible for every student in class, regardless of what level they practice at. She prepares students for the more challenging asanas in a way that empowers us to safely and successfully play and explore. Her energy is calming, but the vibe of her classes will leave you feeling like you've worked hard and earned your savasana. Practicing with Jen is always the highlight of my week.
​​I am a senior and new to yoga. Jen is always encouraging, patient, and flexible. Through her thoughtful instruction and caring manner she has skillfully helped me grow and improve. No matter what "baggage" I bring to class, I leave feeling better every time as her gentle sense of humor and adjustments for my individual needs keep me motivated. I am appreciative of and grateful for her knowledge; her yoga classes are a gift I treasure.
Jan Martinez
Jen makes yoga something I don't want to miss! She begins and ends each class with a thoughtfulness that connects mind and body and brings about positive, peaceful feelings .She somehow seems to be able to tailor each session to the specific needs and ability levels of each person attending. She remembers to check on those who have injuries to be mindful of and finds ways to alter the stretches to accommodate those limitations. I always leave feeling like I've treated myself to a break, and with more feelings of positivity and light-heartedness.
Kristin Mobley