Opposites & Paradox: Exploring Extremes with Guided Meditation


Yoga Nidra for Exploring Opposites

Feelings and emotions have a tendency to take charge and drive experiences. The practice of exploring opposites creates a little space and facilitates a shift from reactive patterns to beneficial responses. This guided meditation is informed by the teachings of Richard Miller and the iRest Institute.

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filter the noise

Filter the Noise

Is your mind busy and distracted? Does life feel like a whirl of feelings and emotions, a constant stream of ups and downs? Do you feel disconnected?

Peace is below the surface of the mind chatter, beyond the patterns and beliefs.

The mind clamors, wanting to be seen, felt, and heard. The spirit whispers, waiting for our presence.

I am convinced that the greatest gift to ourselves and to each other is to spend time in silence and stillness and to live from there.

It’s difficult to filter the noise. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Find a quiet, peaceful place.
  • Start small.
  • Notice your senses.
  • Connect with a feeling of peace and safety.
  • Align with what’s most important to you.
  • Keep showing up.

You don’t need to sit in an uncomfortable position or meditate for hours to see the benefits. Give yourself 5 minutes and a plan; I’ve got you covered on the plan. 

Download this pdf with a short, simple outline for your meditation. You can print the guide and go through it on your own, and it also links to my guided meditation on Insight Timer to get you started.

Life is loud. Guided meditation leads to a peacefulness that exists beyond circumstances. 

Filter the noise. Turn inward, and live from the inside out.