Optimize Your Breathing

It may sound obvious, but the truth is that we’ve made it difficult.  Breathing is a dynamic process closely linked with posture. Popular and unhelpful postural cues (“Pull your shoulders back!” “Suck it in!” “Hold it in place!”) are not grounded in knowledge of how the body actually works. It’s no wonder that, over time, we tend to develop breathing patterns that don’t serve us well.  

Making sense of the two reciprocal functions (breath and posture), and how they impact your health and vitality, begins with awareness. By first focusing on the mechanics of breath and its functional pathway through the body, we will examine the relationship between breath and postural alignment from the inside out. Then we will rediscover the fundamentals of movement through mindful integration of breath and alignment into yoga postures and transitions.

In this 90-minute, one-on-one session, you will:
Learn the anatomy & mechanics of breath patterns
Investigate the importance of alignment in relation to breathing
Assess your own posture and breathing
Discover how to use breath as a gateway to affect your mood, pain, heart rate, gastrointestinal function, & more
Develop your own breathing and movement strategies to provide dynamic stability

Breath is foundational to health.
This workshop is available by Zoom video call.
Investment: $125


Anatomy Focus: The Breathing Team
diaphragm - pelvic floor - transversus abdominis - multifidus


I took this workshop last month and then did a private session with Jen… I thought I knew everything about breathing, but I do not. This one changed me. I love how Jen applied the teaching of anatomy principles to yoga specifically – it was really helpful to have ways to actually use what I learned! This workshop was a full strategy towards understanding posture and the implications it has on the way we breathe. Jen offered easy ways to assess and support posture to facilitate the body’s innate ability to breathe, and I’ve been using them myself ever since – I can’t wait to apply them in a yoga class and with my students. I feel very confident that I’ll be able to explain the anatomy of breath, posture, and balance and can’t wait to take additional trainings from Jen.
Kari Kwinn – yoga teacher, writer, and teacher trainer

I highly recommend Jen’s How You Breathe Matters workshop. With the 1-on-1 format Jen was able to assess what I already knew, set specific learning goals, and help me apply that knowledge to my own body as well as my teaching. I left with concrete skills to apply in my yoga classroom, as Jen provided science-based alternatives to some of the commonly heard cues and teachings around breathing in yoga.
Laurel Cepero

This was such a thoughtful and approachable way to dive into a not always accessible topic. I appreciate Jen’s welcoming and warm teaching style and really enjoyed this workshop! Thanks, Jen!
Jaime Sense, Better Buzz Yoga

The buzz these days is all about “Mindfulness – the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, not overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.” But try to put that sentence into practice and you discover that it’s all foam and no traction. What you learn when you work with Jen is that mindfulness comes from bringing your attention to your breath, coordinating your breathing with your movements, adjusting your posture with conscious attention to your body from head to toe. She cues your movements with gentle reminders to breathe in, breathe out. Soon, the world recedes and you are enveloped in a calm, self-contained space where problems disappear and you experience a soothing exertion of mind and body – that sensation of pleasant exhaustion that comes after a good workout, where you are so gorgeously tired and relaxed that you merely float along at total peace. For me a good yoga session produces a sense of well-being that transcends mere tiredness. It’s as if I have been transported to a better place.
Mark Clarke, retired professor

I took Jen’s Breath Workshop back in March. To say it was life changing would be an understatement … I, like most Yogis who have been practicing yoga for many years know the importance of breath … I thought I knew how to breathe … I did not! Jen ‘s workshop deepened my understanding of the anatomy and how the breath works … She has a way of explaining how the anatomy works in a fun and enlightening way, so simple but so enlightening! Jen’s How You Breathe Matters is truly a gift. Thank you Jen!!
Cookie Spatafora, just a Yogi… (breathing) low & slow